marți, 23 octombrie 2012


Dear wind,sing to me your lovely song,
Sing and whisper where do I belong?
Take my heart with you while you cross the sea,
Take it to a mountain,where I'll never be.
When you start a storm,put my heart in middle
Let it die inside,dissapear its twinkle,
When the lighting strikes,burned my heart shall be,
Spread her dust in oceans far away from me.
Dear heaven,fill me with your peaceful love,
Let your crystal tears to fall from above,
Wash away my soul,wash away my pain
So I freeze my heart with your coldly rain.
Snow of northern sky,embrace my soul,my body,
Enshroud me with your love to don't fall for nobody,
Dear autumn rain,cry for me your pain,
Cry and doncha never let me love again.
Early burning dawn,wich sun gave you my name,
Please,please stop this scary,awful game!
I beg,melt your light with love and lust
To become a song that will ever last.
Sweet cherry blossom,you're fragile and pure,
But for my dark thoughs doncha have a cure?
Sacrifice your flowers and put them to a bottle,
Do a little spell and make me immortal!

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