sâmbătă, 5 mai 2018


He killed her soul,but her heart was still beating. She fought her demons every day and she never lost. She never let them win,especially not this demon. More than being brave,she was stubborn,so she couldn't give up on what they built with blood and tears. When pieces from her broken heart fell down,she picked them up and created a beautiful crown for him. They all laughed,but did they know that she won when she choosed to be real? She reminded him who she was when all his memories started to fade away. She kept on loving him,ignoring the pain because he never loved himself.

joi, 15 februarie 2018


She had dreams inside and stars in her eyes. She was made of love and kindness. Hope was her favourite word,but now I wonder when she lost hers!? Foolish child,you forgot who you are!